Hey Dreamer,

You are here to live a beautiful life. You deserve it all. Whether its your business or life, I am here to help you. Live the life you always dreamed of!

Hey There,


I’m Nikita. I am a Counselling Psychologist and a Personal Development Coach for Women. Let me ask you this, are you a Dreamer? A learner? Do you believe in magic of possibilities? Are you truly willing to work on your “Self”? 

If yes then You and I are going to work well together!

I am here to help you enhance your skills and challenge your Self-limiting beliefs. I’ll teach you how to live the kind of life you want – Personally, enhance your skills and put them to good use Professionally. Lastly, to help you to reconnect and fall in love with yourself. 

Dreamscape Studio, is a Personal Development studio, dedicated to help you improve and enhance your concept of ‘Self’ and enhance your Personal and Professional skills.


Feel relaxed and happy. A load has been lifted. It was very easy to talk to Nikita and let go of the past that I was holding onto. She is really good at what she does and is not pushy with the sessions. 


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