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Found the concept of writing letters to self very interesting and wanted to try out. We write emails, texts, notes, why not letters? Loved the concept! I looked forward to writing a letter everyday. In the process, I was able to know myself a little better everyday. It’s so amazing to work on something that can bring positivity in your life. I can feel the difference. Worth every penny spent! Would recommend this book to those looking for a change in themselves. No age barriers! 

Bought “Dear Me, Souvenirs for a woman’s future self’ – By Nikita Vyas 


I recently bought Nikita’s E-books, “Unlearn to Relearn” and “The Gratitude Planner”. 

I loved both the books. I was a bit unclear when I saw the books and their costs. But it is worth the money. It really helped me since I couldn’t go to a counsellor. They were my morning routine. The books gave me Self-awareness and helped me in tough situations. 

Please buy her books if you are looking for a solution. 


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