Her love story………

“Its a dark space,
with no trace of light,
she stands there alone,
craving for the light,
to brighten her life!

Everything around is lifeless,
Everything opaque,
She longs to escape,
But trapped in a maze!

She is beautiful, petite,
A moment of freedom she dreams,
Longs to be loved and adored,
A happily ever after she truly deserves!

No noise to be heard,
No emotion is felt,
She gets colder,
Her life is still!

Her beating heart races,
Her veins might explode,
In this darkness,
Stands a silhouette!

It radiates strength,
She hadn’t seen before,
As she caught her breath,
The virile figure spoke!

She stood the breathing hard,
Stood like a lifeless tree,
This was very real,
Not just a dream!

Coming closer holding her tight,
Gazing in her eyes,
A moment so right!

She melted in him,
She felt the light,
Everything seemed beautiful,
Her love story so full of life!”