A Dream Journey 

A journey I started

Started long ago,

Journey I assumed,

Would be of surprises and a flow,

The path I chose,

The path I rejoiced in,

But hurdles that came by,

Were difficult to win,

I managed somehow,

I struggled the fall,

And I arose to fight back hard,

To my surprise,

The path had ended,

I exclaimed feeling trapped and helpless,

I stood there for long,

Gazing at the dead end,

I prayed and cried,

Tiring myself to think,

Looking here and there for help,

Then I saw something,

Something that was always there,

Amazed to see a parallel path,

A path that went beyond dead end,

I saw my name encrypted on that path,

And realized the mistake I had made so far,

I took the path that life gave me,

And reached my destination, Very happily!