All those bottled up emotions! 

​It is natural for many of us, to keep our emotions and feelings locked up inside us. We’re afraid to express them, due to many reasons, we don’t wanna hurt others, we certainly don’t wanna hurt ourselves. The pain and trauma is way too much to even express it, sometimes. 

But once the intensity of our bottled up feelings reached the brim, it overflows and spills. Meaning, it starts to show in our behaviour and day to say livelihood. 

In such cases, share your thoughts and feelings with someone. If you are shy to share, write it down. Maintain your journal of feelings and scribble it down. Remember, no one is around to judge you. 

Be more expressive without being afraid all the time. 

Try it out! We are all humans, we feel, therefore it is very crucial that we express too. 


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