River of Ink…Book review!

They say never judge a book by its cover, but, when the cover is so beautiful and enchanting one can afford to take the risk. That is what I did, and I am pleased to say,that I was not disappointed! The book is as beautiful as the cover.

I encountered “River of Ink” when I was browsing Instagram. Needless to say, yes, it was the cover art that attracted me. I immediately read the synopsis on Google and the next thing you know, I ordered it on Amazon.

Whoever could have thought that “Sisupala Vadha” could be the theme for a book! Cooper, does a fabulous job at the in-depth and extensive research.

All the characters were strong and raw. Asanka – the poet, does not come off as the mighty hero, but only a human, a man, in love with a girl, scared of what may happen next. I guess for me, that was the best part of the book. All the characters were genuine in their skin and at some point, one might try relate to most of them.

A lot of emotions go through your mind when you are reading the book, mainly towards Asanka and Magha – anger, frustration, disappointment, cowardice. Therefore one needs to have an open mind and patience to accept the characters as they unfold slowly.

What made the book even more interesting was the little combination/mention of “Mahabharata” and “Ramayana”, two of the greatest epics of Hindu religion. Being a Hindu, I can only imagine the in-depth research the author must have had to do. Apart from “Ramayana”, I do not have an in-depth knowledge of Lanka, but it was refreshing to read about most of the characters from both the epics in one book. Even if you haven’t read the epics or haven’t heard about them, one does not feel lost as the narration revolves around a love story!

The narration is expressive, mature and detailed but moves at a slow pace and speeds up as it reaches its end.

If one wants to read a very real and heartfelt story – I would definitely recommend – “RIVER OF INK” ! Kudos to the author!


A must read – 4 Stars


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