Someone to Love – Ruchita Misra

Falling sick has its own virtue, you can crawl underneath a blanket with a book to accompany you. I chose “Someone to Love” by Ruchita Misra. 

I spent an entire afternoon with all the characters. I smiled and got very choked up! I still stayed with the characters after I put down the book. Relating to them, trying to understand them. 

It’s about Atharv and Koyal. Best friends. Their stories, together and apart with time playing an important role! 

You almost immediately like Atharv for the matured character he is. Koyal is adorable and silly. 

The concept is of course of a love story. Blooming and nurturing over time. As one reads they can anticipate what the next scene might be, but, nonetheless, the dialogues and the narration makes you smile. 

To understand the emotions of this book and the plot one needs to know what heart break is, how it feels and the feeling is worse when you aren’t aware of your love for that person! 

I enjoyed the book! I was reminded of kuch kuch hota hai for obvious reasons. But no complaints there! It makes for a good companion if you are travelling, spending time alone at home or unwell like me to uplift your mood. 

“I received a copy of this book, from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review!” 

Someone to Love – 3 Stars


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