Power of the Internet — An article by Karuna Ezara Parikh

Internet has now become a lot more than just a luxury or privilege, it has now become a necessity and a space for outburst. There is so much happening on the internet that it is difficult to catch up sometimes. Today almost everything goes viral in the blink of an eye.  We are so habituated to throw our opinions and plagiarism thinking that with millions of people now using the internet we can get away with anything. If we like something we share it as our own and if we hate something we bad mouth about it! It baffles me thinking about the mindset of people. 

I wanted to write something about the internet since a really long time and I came across Karuna’s blog. On reading her articles I came across this one particular article that expressed exactly what I wanted to write about. Her language, words and context is so clear yet very powerful and I had to share it here.

Hope you understand the power of internet and use it wisely.