Dipa Desai – On Home and Designing

Being a lifestyle therapist I have the luxury to discuss about things that are important for one’s life. We have timelessly heard the saying, ‘Charity begins at home!’. But, how many of us have truly understood Home? Or the importance of having a home?

I had recently been to a wedding at Surat. We resided in a small flat. It wasn’t anything fancy, also there was no furniture. It was an empty space that was soon occupied by our luggage,  a few mattresses and us, of course. We slowly adapted to the place and since we were sleeping there and getting ready there, gossiping their and laughing there, it soon become our ‘home’. We knew it was temporary but we filled that empty space with so many emotions and feelings. When I returned to my actual home in Chennai, i kept thinking about what truly makes a home? 

I had once written an article on Home for a particular magazine and since I wanted to share my thoughts on home, I decided to share that, but it felt not right. I wanted someone, who actually understood home a lot more than concrete and decor to talk about it. That is when I approached Dipa Desai, an architect, designer from Mumbai, to talk about home! Written below are her thoughts on home and what is a home made up of!

“Here is my attempt at trying to understand what defines a home!!

What is a home? How do we define it? Definitions are several. A resting place, a shelter, a place of residence, a house where a person stays with his family and stores his basic needs, an abode meant for an extended stay or a sojourn for a temporary stay.  In one’s lifetime, a person could have stayed in one home or in several homes, and stayed in many places. The size, the shape, the location would all depend on a person’s economic status and taste. This is an objective view of what defines a home.

Let’s look at the subjective viewpoint of how a home is perceived by most. Home is an amalgamation of human emotions and experiences. It represents what the family, living in it, stands for. It conveys about their lifestyles, standards of living, values, emotions, family bonds, temperaments and so much more. It tells us a story about the people residing there. A home holds great significance and plays a very important role in our lives.

If we must personify a home, then it has an important duty to perform. It must be functional to take care of everyday needs. It must radiate positive energy. It must be well lit and well ventilated. It must become a gallery wall that displays memorabilia collected by the family. In the end, it must a space that nurtures and looks after its inhabitants. Like I always say that a good home makes better human beings.

As an architect and interior designer, when I am taken on to design a home, I must keep in mind everything that I have mentioned here. I should be able to design and implement every physical and emotional detail that will go into making a dream home for everyone living there. And most importantly, leave behind a beautiful home with happy people, rewarding me with their friendship. 

 Much Love,


Below are pictures of Dipa Desai’s home.



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