Arture – Working through cafes and how!

Have you ever worked through cafes before? I have! Plenty of times. I don’t have a very conventional office and usually meet clients for Tarot and Counselling at a cafe. If you are from Chennai, you would have heard of Amethyst and Chamiers Cafe. There are many more amazing cafes but these two are my absolute  favourite places to visit. Amethyst is more closer to where I live so I often go there. Apart from these CCDs have their doors open almost every time. 

I was going through the catalog of Arture to buy from their amazing collection and came across their blog. I went on to read their articles and found this article that they had written on how they worked from a cafe during the “Vardah” times. It was written elabourately and their pointers are helpful!  So I approached them to share their article for the blog and they happily allowed us to share it. 

If you are a freelancer, an Entrepreneur, spend a lot of time writing or unconventional like us or just coffee lovers, you should take a look at their article. And while you are there do take a look at their products. They are all organic and one of a kind! 

This is what I bought from Arture
See the paper bag ? I received my Arture in it and it is usable! I filled it with lovely bookmarks!