Alicia Souza – The Goddess of Cute 

My name is Alicia Souza and I’m an illustrator, which means I draw for a living. It’s the best ‘job’ in the world!

NV- Was it always your dream to become an artist? 

AS – Never! Infact I wanted to do everything BUT that. Strange where life takes you!

NV- Was it an easy decision? 

AS- No, I think it was a stubborn one though. I told myself that if I was going to be in this field, I was only going to be an illustrator or I’d get into something completely different. Starting out is always hard. 

NV-  What/who inspired you to take up this field?

AS – No one really. I just loved drawing. 

NV- On your way to becoming a brand, did you face any hurdles/difficulties? Please tell us about your journey a bit elaborately.  

AS – Starting out as an illustrator in India was hard because I kind of just fell into freelancing without planning. Also I hardly knew anyone in general, let alone in the field or freelancing. But I think persistence kind of pays off, and a lot of working hours. 

NV-  Reaching this point in your career, are you happy?

AS – Ecstatically happy. 

NV- Do you believe in dreams? If you were to motivate people to believe in their dreams, what would you like to tell them?

AS- I do believe in dreams. I believe that dreams don’t have to be careers though, but always do what you love. Always always!


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