Counselling Corner

Counselling – What exactly is it?!

“I am confused and not really sure what to do? I mean I know I should talk to someone but I don’t want my friends to know I am crazy or weird, ugh my parents will never understand!” I need guidance. I am lost! WHAT SHOULD I DO?”

WHAT SHOULD I DO? This is one phrase we all are good at asking. But how many of us actually get an answer? Well, even if we do get an answer, is it always the appropriate one for us?!

Counselling has been timelessly trying to prove its worth to the Indian population. However, the sad part here is that not all of us truly understand the concept of counselling. This is slowly changing at a slow pace, nonetheless, there is a change.


Therapy or counselling has always been synonymous with “Listening” or simply “Advising”, even today most people find it a waste of time and money. However, Counselling, is not advising at all. It is a communication between two people, wherein the helper tries to guide the help-seeker overcome and deal with life situations, reduce emotional distress, to be able to make meaningful relationships, become more independent in making wise decisions.

In various cases, counselling has proven to help people change their lifestyles by understanding their dysfunctional or disruptive behaviour, that maybe harmful to them or their surroundings.

Counselling or therapy increases their control over present circumstances or crisis. Their cognitive and emotional domain are improved allowing them to live a better life in any situations.

Difficult situations or crisis are inevitable. In the hustle-bustle of life we often ignore our emotional and mental wellbeing, putting ourselves out there every day, only when the situation reaches its point of saturation do we realize that we truly need help.

Everyone under the sun, needs some kind of help. However, their capacity to deal with these unfortunate situations may differ. Most of us today still follow the rules and beliefs that are already existing, not realizing that many of these beliefs are not the same for everyone. Times have changed, culture and technology has taken a huge step-up, yet, our minds and thinking patterns are traditional and unknown to the fact that maybe, just maybe they are not meant for us.

Counselling helps in thinking out of the box, it allows you move on, open up and take a step out of your comfort zone, it helps you overcome your anger, feelings of guilt, self-worthlessness in fact it enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence.  It makes you fall in love with you and accept yourself.

Visiting a psychologist today or a counsellor today is not a sign of weakness anymore, it has now become a lifestyle. Just like the body needs a good workout, the mind needs to rewire its thoughts and emotions to live stress-free and truly enjoy life.