To begin with let me introduce myself, my name is Nikita. Professionally I m a psychologist and personally I enjoy writing and poetry and art.

Writing has always been important to me. To be able to scribble down thoughts and let them flow in the emotions, that feels like freedom. Well my name means “one you cannot conquer” and that is exactly how I am.

I am a dreamer. I believe in dreams and I dream all the time. I believe that it is important to dream. I find freedom in dreams. In our busy lives ruled by time and society we forget many critical and crucial things about ourselves. Dreaming is one among many such things.

When I talk about dreams I don’t mean by the visuals during sleep. No! By dreaming I mean daydreaming. Yes! Daydreaming. Building beautiful castles in the air. Decorating them and smiling as these castles shine so flawlessly. But the difference is that I believe I ll own these castles one-day. While you may say,”meh! Its just a dream.”

I always wanted my own counselling studio. A place where people could come and talk to me about their dreams and the obstacles they face in order to achieve them. A place where they would try to work on these dreams and turn them into reality. It does sound a bit irrational if you are a skeptic. But if you have a passion to achieve something the drive to reach “that place”, you know what I m talking about.

So when I decided to name the studio I was confused. I tried to seek help from a few friends to help me find a name that would reflect exactly what I wanted to do. When you name a company or a product it needs to have an impact on you first and your clients next. Well my search continued.

One late night I guess, I was browsing some articles and came across a word I hadn’t heard of before, so I opened my dictionary(mobile app) and before I could punch in for my quest, a word flashed across the screen. “DREAMSCAPE” now dreamscape means to paint a surreal picture. And voila, I found my studio’s name.


So this is what I want to do. Help people understand what dreams really are, help them recognize their dreams and believe in them. Achieving, then is a very easy task.