I am “SHE”

When I decided to start my own counselling studio I wanted to narrow down my clientele to women alone. Was I Biased because I am a woman? Because I am a Feminist ?! --- Not really! I was mostly concerned about women! I remember back in school when we had to write articles on social issues, [...]


COUNSELLOR – Role and Responsibilities

After the Myths and Threats of Counselling and Psychology, it is about time we shed light on what is usually done in Counselling and what is the role of a Counsellor. Counselling is a mutual collaboration between two people for a brief period of time. Therefore, there are certain responsibilities of the Counsellor and the [...]


Any time new clients come to me for their first consultation, they have a worried look on their face. They avoid any eye-contact and take their time to talk. It is quite normal to feel weird or confused when visiting a psychologist or counsellor. Those who are well aware about therapy, blend in right away, [...]

Counselling – What exactly is it?!

“I am confused and not really sure what to do? I mean I know I should talk to someone but I don’t want my friends to know I am crazy or weird, ugh my parents will never understand!” I need guidance. I am lost! WHAT SHOULD I DO?” WHAT SHOULD I DO? This is one [...]