Parchment and Pen

When speaking of books I cannot help but think of the smell of old paper, the soothing fragrance of ink, the solitude of a library. Books are the best companion one can ask for. I read books based on the story-line and the plot rather than the authors. Of course I have a list of authors I truly admire and respect and without any doubt read their work, however while choosing a book, I pay more attention to the synopsis. 

Books have always brought different sets of people together, building communities. Remember those fine book clubs? Today book bloggers are not unknown. With an increase in the number of writers all over, it serves as a platform to connect with not only people, but different cultures, traditions and ideologies. 

Parchment and Pen” is a segment attributed to my love for reading and storytelling. It is an articulation about the way I feel after reading a book. Each character that moved me, that I absolutely disliked or I was in love with. When I speaking of books, I do not stick to one type of genre. I read anything that interests me. No two stories are alike, every genre speaks to a set of audience. Therefore “Parchment and Pen”, is about my opinions and thoughts alone. It bears no influence over anyone else.