​Love is to give, Doesn't know expectations,  Love is to smile, Also in sadness, Love is to laugh, But also brings pain, Love is to lose,  Yet always remains within,  Love is to be present,  But also anticipates, Love doesn't conquer, It only wants happiness, Love is not to hide, Also doesn't need an expression,  [...]


Someone to Love – Ruchita Misra

Falling sick has its own virtue, you can crawl underneath a blanket with a book to accompany you. I chose "Someone to Love" by Ruchita Misra.  I spent an entire afternoon with all the characters. I smiled and got very choked up! I still stayed with the characters after I put down the book. Relating [...]


It's been a month since I started my initiative on Dream-Tale! It has been quite a journey.  Dream-Tale was launched with an idea to motivate millions of people out there who need that one push to believe in them. At one point of time in my life, I needed it too!  I remember watching and [...]

All those bottled up emotions! 

​It is natural for many of us, to keep our emotions and feelings locked up inside us. We're afraid to express them, due to many reasons, we don't wanna hurt others, we certainly don't wanna hurt ourselves. The pain and trauma is way too much to even express it, sometimes.  But once the intensity of [...]


​The problem with us humans, is that we are get comfortable very easily.  We are comfortable with all the luxuries we have. We are comfortable with the people we love. We are also comfortable being miserable in our lives. The reason we get so comfortable is because we are afraid of change! Comfort creates an [...]


"It has been a while since I ve inked, Been a while since my heart gave in, Been a while since i was inspired, Been a while since i boxed in, Life is fast, So eventful, Time speeds, Exhausting one's soul, Yet here I am, After a sabbatical, Taking a pause, Calming life's run, Crafting [...]

A Dream Journey 

A journey I started Started long ago, Journey I assumed, Would be of surprises and a flow, The path I chose, The path I rejoiced in, But hurdles that came by, Were difficult to win, I managed somehow, I struggled the fall, And I arose to fight back hard, To my surprise, The path had [...]

ANNAPOORNA REDDY – A Fortunate Tarot Reader 

I'm Annapoorna Reddy and this is my dream story. I am a tarot card reader and interior designer. I had a passion for arts and creative work always, my father being a builder I wanted to design and beautify the spaces people live in. I always believed in tarot and astrology a lot from my childhood. I [...]

NEHA – The Journey of a Designer!

I was born and brought up in a family where a woman is either a Professor,Doctor or a Teacher. But I had other plans and dreams. I found my passion in designing. I was encouraged a lot by my father who has always advised and supported me in my every single decision,no matter what people [...]

Her love story………

"Its a dark space, with no trace of light, she stands there alone, craving for the light, to brighten her life! Everything around is lifeless, Everything opaque, She longs to escape, But trapped in a maze! She is beautiful, petite, A moment of freedom she dreams, Longs to be loved and adored, A happily ever [...]