Rachel Eapen – Tickled by Inspiration

I am Rachel Eapen, based in Oman… I am a décor enthusiast and influencer who loves everything that is creative and beautiful. I am a management professional who used to work in a leading MNC in Bangalore for a couple of years. I am a stay-at-home mom now, a self-taught budding artist and an occasional [...]


Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan

From the archives of history, buried under years of struggle for independence, lay many stories of legends and martyrs. History has often been unkind in revealing stories that are worthy of respect and admiration. One such story among many stories is that of Noor Inayat Khan. An SOE agent, who volunteered to go to France [...]

Anushri & Akshay – “Mug aur Mooch”

  Q - Please give us a brief introduction about yourself. We are Anushri & Akshay and we started Mug Aur Mooch out of our passion for creativity and stationery. Anushri started her career as a corporate lawyer and then moved to crafts and designing about 7 years back. Anushri decided to pursue a professional [...]

Gokulraj GK – Ruling the world of Stationary! – Hazel Notebooks, Mad Cap, My Copie

I am Gokulraj GK. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University, Chennai. Post my under-graduation I pursed my Masters in Engineering Management from University of Texas, USA. I am the CEO of Hazel Notebooks and MadCap Stationery and Merchandise . We are a design focused team of people with a goal to [...]

Suvarna & Ankita – What my Sister Wore

Hello! We are Suvarna and Ankita. Our love for ethnic couture inspired us to start "What my Sister Wore" a fashion blog. This is our story! TDS - Was it always your dream to write about Fashion? Suvarna: The dream really was just to start writing about something significant in my life. After pondering over [...]

Anita Singh – Snaap Photograpy

My name is Anita Singh and I am a freelance photographer based in Mumbai. I have been working as one since 2015. I started my company "Snaap Photography" that provides candid photography services to its customers. I specialize in Pre-Wedding, Wedding, Birthday parties and lots more. Photography for me started as a hobby back when I [...]

Richa – ‘Journaling’ her story!

My name is Richa, I’m a journalist and the founder & curator of  Parenthesis.co, an independent digital magazine on life, the world and the human condition. By day, I work as an editor with the Hindustan Times. I like cats, books, good storytelling and making photographs!  I'd always had very vague, generic dreams of what [...]

Arture – Working through cafes and how!

Have you ever worked through cafes before? I have! Plenty of times. I don't have a very conventional office and usually meet clients for Tarot and Counselling at a cafe. If you are from Chennai, you would have heard of Amethyst and Chamiers Cafe. There are many more amazing cafes but these two are my absolute  favourite places [...]

Akshaya Vaidyanathan — Girl on the move

I am Akshaya Vaidyanathan 23 year old based out of Chennai. I am a full time professional photographer. I specialize in documenting weddings, portraiture, fashion, architecture and food Photography. I finished my schooling from PSBB Chennai, Finished my B. Sc Electronic Media from MOP Vaishnav, went to Ooty and did my PG in Professional Photography [...]

Dipa Desai – On Home and Designing

Being a lifestyle therapist I have the luxury to discuss about things that are important for one's life. We have timelessly heard the saying, 'Charity begins at home!'. But, how many of us have truly understood Home? Or the importance of having a home? I had recently been to a wedding at Surat. We resided [...]

Vidya Kamalesh – An Artistic Daydreamer

I am Vidya, a perpetual daydreamer from Bangalore, India. I enjoy dabbling with art, photography and writing apart from my daily dose of graphic design work and hankering after my cats. I have been drawing (at least somewhat recognizable forms!) from the age of 2 and have been keen on exploring various artistic visualizations from [...]

Arts stream – shameful or Talented?


The Reading Corner -The Seeker 

Book of the week -- The Seeker by Karan Bajaj A book, whether fiction or non fiction has some infuence on its readers. Like the book I have chosen for this week. The Seeker by Karan Bajaj, is a work of fiction and yet will leave a very pleasent impact. This book is for all [...]

Word of the month – February = Creativity 

Creativity has time and again been misunderstood. It is always assumed that artists, the right brainers are more inclined towards creativity. But is this true? Have we understood the accurate meaning of creativity? I guess not!  My word for the month of February is Creativity!  In the month of December I launched an online segment [...]

Power of the Internet — An article by Karuna Ezara Parikh

Internet has now become a lot more than just a luxury or privilege, it has now become a necessity and a space for outburst. There is so much happening on the internet that it is difficult to catch up sometimes. Today almost everything goes viral in the blink of an eye.  We are so habituated [...]

Half Baked Beans — Brewing their Story

My name is Chetan Soni and the name of publishing house is Half Baked Beans. I am an MBA by education but always had interest in storytelling. My other interests are sports and experimenting with food. HBB is primarily a publishing house where we publish books but along with that it is a reading and [...]

When Things Fall Apart – Pema Chodron

  Usually when we buy a fictional book we take a look at the synopsis. There is a plot, names of characters, you understand the genre and it’s a decision to make, whether to pick it up or to toss it. But Self help books are tricky to understand. Even though there is a brief [...]

Word of the Month — January = Patience

As the dawn is about to break I realize I haven't slept all night. It has been an overwhelming month. Honestly, it has been one of the best months I have had in a really long time! Every month has a word. I guess it differs from person to person. Depending on their experiences and [...]

Divya — Curating urban lifestyle with “TAMARA”

My name is Divya Ganesh. I am the owner of Tamara, a curated lifestyle boutique newly launched in T. Nagar behind Natesan Park. Tamara, attempts to solve a particular problem – a dearth of boutiques in Chennai offering chic designer products at an affordable price point. I spent the last half year scouting around the [...]

Niloufer Wadia — Illustrating her passion for fine-arts

"My name is Niloufer Wadia. I am an artist and illustrator. I was formally educated in Applied Arts at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. I have spent over 20 years in advertising, and now pursuing my first love - the fine arts and illustration. I was always good at drawing, a lot more than painting. However, I [...]

Amidst life..on stand by 

​Amidst the storm lies silence, Amidst life lies death, Amidst reality lies a dream! A dream I want, The silence I seek,  But when and how? Death is a long way! Listening to the waves, My heart wants to cry, It wants to run away, To some land I don’t know why!


​"See the cloud, the sky appear, See the rain, the light draw near, See the smile, delighted you feel, See the colours, darkness you depart, See the world, a soul you worship, See yourself, contentment you feel, Confide in yourself, acceptance you acheive!"

Acceptance..In you towards YOU!

“Everything comes to us, that belongs to us, if we create the capacity to receive it!” Rabindranath Tagore You come across some words, that inspire you and then you come across some words that change the way you think. This simple but wise quote, by the poetic, Rabindranath Tagore, teaches us something we often fail [...]

Someone to Love – Ruchita Misra

Falling sick has its own virtue, you can crawl underneath a blanket with a book to accompany you. I chose "Someone to Love" by Ruchita Misra.  I spent an entire afternoon with all the characters. I smiled and got very choked up! I still stayed with the characters after I put down the book. Relating [...]

Prathik Panchamia — In a Candid Moment

  "Prathik Panchamia here! I am from Tamil Nadu, a professional freelance photographer based in Bombay. I live by one quote -- “It is better to travel well than to arrive.” - Buddha. I specialize in Travel and Wedding Photography and Black and White Landscapes. I also own a company that I started with the [...]

Fate – You pretty thing! 


Love yourself…for no one else will, the way you do!

“I knock I scream, I know not where to be, I look outside the window, I exhale a sigh of grief, No one notices me, No one cares, I am right there, Yet unobserved, I know not whom to seek for, Who will understand, I am a human with a heart! My chest feels heavy, [...]

River of Ink…Book review!

They say never judge a book by its cover, but, when the cover is so beautiful and enchanting one can afford to take the risk. That is what I did, and I am pleased to say,that I was not disappointed! The book is as beautiful as the cover. I encountered “River of Ink” when I [...]

Comes to an End…..

"Endings appear harsh, Endings sadden, Endings are inevitable, Endings are important, Endings are a luxury, Endings teach us a lot, Endings, like dry leaves, have to one day fall, As night falls there is day, After Autumn there's the Spring fields, After death is a new life, After each ending, there's a new story to [...]

GAURAV PURAV -To fly is to live!

"As a kid I was always fascinated by machines be it a car or a ship or an Aeroplane ! But, I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted to do.  During my junior college days I started contemplating about what what my career would be. I pinned it down to either Merchant Navy or [...]


"It has been a while since I ve inked, Been a while since my heart gave in, Been a while since i was inspired, Been a while since i boxed in, Life is fast, So eventful, Time speeds, Exhausting one's soul, Yet here I am, After a sabbatical, Taking a pause, Calming life's run, Crafting [...]

ROHITA – Engineered her way to becoming a Designer/metal Smith

I am an engineer turned jewellery artist. I started my career as a jewellery artist a bit later in life and it was quiet a journey. I did my engineering in electronics and communication. During my course of engineering I got into jewellery making as a hobby. I was self taught and made a lot [...]

ANNAPOORNA REDDY – A Fortunate Tarot Reader 

I'm Annapoorna Reddy and this is my dream story. I am a tarot card reader and interior designer. I had a passion for arts and creative work always, my father being a builder I wanted to design and beautify the spaces people live in. I always believed in tarot and astrology a lot from my childhood. I [...]

NEHA – The Journey of a Designer!

I was born and brought up in a family where a woman is either a Professor,Doctor or a Teacher. But I had other plans and dreams. I found my passion in designing. I was encouraged a lot by my father who has always advised and supported me in my every single decision,no matter what people [...]

BHAVYA KOTIAN – The Photographer in making

"Growing up I was constantly told to be like someone, to become like someone. But that's the problem, I don't want to be someone else, I have never wanted to be anyone else but me. Carve my own path, irrespective of whether the path was already walked on or was the one less chosen.  It [...]

Everyday life….

"Life is simpler than assumed, Sweeter than imagined, Yet Problems arise Without solutions! Generosity of life Obligation of thought Unfathomable yet never depart! Colourful life appears blank Tell me how, tell me why Life so afresh turning foul! People similar portraying difference Seeking love and some ground!"

Her love story………

"Its a dark space, with no trace of light, she stands there alone, craving for the light, to brighten her life! Everything around is lifeless, Everything opaque, She longs to escape, But trapped in a maze! She is beautiful, petite, A moment of freedom she dreams, Longs to be loved and adored, A happily ever [...]