Resh Susan – The Book Satchel

Hi, I am Resh. I spend an unhealthy amount of time reading and an equally unhealthy time writing or clicking pictures. I also have the bees knees for a good biryani. What is “The book Satchel” about? The Book Satchel started as a place for bookish talk. I was desperately looking for a hobby as…

Brewing Thoughts – Go on a date with yourself

When was the last time you went on a date with yourself?
When was the last time you gave yourself the priority? It’s about time you did!

Steps to win back your mojo

“I’ve lost my will to work, I’ve lost my will to do anything at all, All the ideas are stuck and I find it difficult to move!” – Sounds familiar? That is what happens when you lose your mojo or are simply not motivated enough to work, live, move, almost anything. It’s a universal experience….

Why is Vulnerability misunderstood???

The world men inhabit is rather austere. One finds a strange amalgam of contradictory traits. Where, vulnerability is bleak and mistaken. Where one is susceptible to criticism. Where one shields themselves with defenselessness and helplessness to protect themselves from pitfall and temptation. Vulnerability is an equipment to deal with hostility. He beats me every day,…

Self-help books – do they really help?

  As a Psychologist I am often asked this question. “Which Self-help book is the best?”. Being a question of concern, I am often caught off-guard. The trick with Self-help book is that they are written keeping a certain population and problem in mind and if you do not fall under that population or the…