Review :

Dear Nikita, Thank you so much for such a detailed empathetic reading. The reading was very synchronous with my feelings and dilemmas and thoughts. Also your note about writing down certain points about happiness and about fear was useful in clearly seeing the pros and cons. For me career, good companionship living in an engaging place is essential. I think I will have to take a call and work on it soon. Thanks so much for the wonderful words. Will keep reading them and hold on to your words.


Feedback – 

Psychiatrist is called a ‘shrink’ because it’s the Psychologist who expands its mind and sees the larger picture; it’s no different in the case of Counselling Psychologist Nikita Vyas. My sessions with her led me to an encounter with that darker side of mine which turned out to be the root of all my problems. Initially the session seemed very challenging as she was spot-on when it came to finding out the root cause of my problems I stated to her whereas I took time to process what she said and accept the truth of it; but as time passed by I felt relaxed and more composed than before as my sessions with her helped me introspect myself in grave depth.

She has also helped me in the art of “Acceptance” and “Letting Go” which has helped me strengthen myself internally. As a psychologist she is someone who is piously devoted to her job, someone who is passionate about helping people. Sessions with her has helped evolve myself, helped me see the good within me and the required fixes to give a shine to my personality. Counselling Psychologists like her are needed in today’s times of depression and stress.


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